// timelapse - company launch //

We are delighted to announce the official launch of timelapse with plans for our first project - 90 seconds to midnight.

The project will be a long-form R&D for a co-authored work of music theatre in which four writers and a wider team of creatives will devise and collaborate on a new show. Over the course of 6 months, we will work with the writers as a collective, re-imagining the creative process for music theatre and experimenting with a new workshop format. By giving writers paid time and space to think, and by creating a writers' room as well as running workshops without an audience, we will begin to rethink how musicals can be made.

// our archive is open//

We are archiving the process of making our first project, 90 Seconds to midnight. To read about the work we are doing and our reflections, learnings, fragments and news. visit our NSTM page here.

Or of course you can also keep in touch with this and the rest of our news by joining our mailing list.

// With Support from New Diorama Theatre's Intervention 01 //

We are delighted that our first project will be supported by New Diorama Theatre's Intervention 01. In 2022, NDT ceased public performances for six months to offer a once-in-a-generation intervention to rejuvenate independent companies, develop bold new work and re-imagine the venue. 

Intervention 01 is supported by creative partners Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival and Old Diorama Arts Centre; and by the intrepid folk at Arts Council England, Jerwood Arts and the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation.

// Working with us //

We are currently looking to meet playwrights who write songs to collaborate on 90 seconds to midnight. We are also looking for an Archivist for the project who will reflect on and write up observations. To see more visit our Jobs page.

We also have a range of other projects in development that will allow us to collaborate with a broader ranger of artists. Email us if you'd like chat.